Australia needs more indie game developers

I am a new video game developer on the sunshine coast who is seeking assistance in getting on my feet, I have been trying to make a footprint in the video game industry whether big or small(hopefully big). Australia has a distinct lack of video game developers compared to other developed country’s, I aspire to let the world know the Australians can make great games. I am Starting with 8 bit/ 2d games and if I find success in this I will move to big and better 3d games for console and PC. I have been working day and night learning all aspects of game development as I am a 1 man team who is doing this around a full time job and a new born baby boy:). Any money raised is use to buy software licenses(they are costly) and certain assets which I cannot make myself.(music mostly) I have already made 1 game and is released on several independent website’s: and am currently trying to get it on steam through greenlight:… (keep in mind my 1st game I have gotten ALOT better at coding and graphics): An Screenshot of my current game(very early stages): See gotten better at graphics:)

Source: Australia needs more indie game developers


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